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Great place to get supplies but more importantly, they know what they are doing. I needed a coupler for my pool cleaner.  The entire assembly is $80.  The lady informed me that they sell just a small piece of the assembly (which is all I really needed).  The small part was $10.  She even replaced a few o-rings at no charge and reassembled the entire coupler in the store!

Robert Juarez


I absolutely love this store in Decatur! You could not have picked a better manager for that store! They are always so nice and take very good care of you!Patricia L Byers

Decatur location was so very helpful. They didn't try to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't need considering I'm new to a spa & didn't job what I was doing. Prices were good & I was thrilled I didn't have to go to the metroplex to buy my supplies!Penny Yoakum Beaman

Our filter and motor had to be replaced. One call and we got the items and had them installed the same day! Saved our 4th of July! Thanks to the Weatherford location and CJ!
They've got our business for life!Nola Factor