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If you need room to fit the whole crew, then the E770 is an exceptional choice at 91” x 91” x 40” and seating for 7. This hot tub has everything you could want and more. And if you’re looking for a deep massage with a variety of options, the E770 really delivers. Specific back jets, hamstring jets, and double spinners within a rotating jet provide uncompromising relaxation. Each of the 7 upright seats in the E770 features a unique jet configuration to give users a variety of options. And there is no need to choose add-ons with the E770, as all the extras are included. Wireless control, touchscreen, 4.1 audio system, backlit jets and joysticks, salt system disinfection system, a volcano jet, are just some of the perks of this unparalleled spa experience.

DIMENSIONS:91” x 91” x 40”
JETS:80 jets
DRY WEIGHT:1058 lbs
PUMPS:4 Gecko pumps


Be Well Canada Spa