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Lights and Fountains

Pool Lighting & Fountains

Complete your pool and backyard escape with lighting or a fountain! You don’t want to be limited to swimming during daylight hours. With the right lighting, swimming, backyard parties, and relaxing by the pool are all ideal activities for hot summer nights in Texas. 

Plus, we carry fountains because we know how a beautiful water feature can elevate a backyard. Come see our selection and get inspired to create a fun vibe in your own backyard escape.

Ultimate Hard Bottom for Above-Ground Pools

Don’t you just hate Texas weeds! Even with a pool, your backyard doesn’t feel like an oasis when it’s overrun by weeds or nutgrass. At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, we like to be your one-stop-shop. So, when you need pool chemicals or accessories, don’t forget to pick up lawn care chemicals, too!

Ultimate Hardbottom with Cove Combo

Protect your above-ground pool and liner with the Ultimate Hardbottom and cove combo! These hard, flat bottoms are placed under your pool to form a hard layer that protects your pool and liner. In this part of Texas, rocks, debris, and nutgrass can place unnecessary wear and tear on your liner, and could even puncture it. With the simple addition of a Ultimate Hardbottom and cove combo, you can protect your pool for the long haul. Most online companies sell an ineffective “weed block” fabric which is similar to what is sold for flower beds. This fabric does not completely stop the growth of nutgrass through your liner and has no warranty if it does. Our Ultimate Hardbottom is effective at preventing the weeds and also carries a warranty for it. If you want to make it even better, add our floor foam to make it a Perfect Bottom. Stop by any location to pick up your Hardbottom.