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How to Choose an Above Ground Pool Liner

Liners come in different patterns, thicknesses, and are made for pools with varying wall heights. One of the most important things to know when you replace a liner is how it attaches to the wall. The following information is a brief description of the liner types and how they attach. Please make sure to double check the size, pattern, and type of liner you received matches what you ordered before opening the box as they cannot be returned once opened.

Overlap Liners

Overlap liners are the most common and versatile of liners. They will fit pools of virtually any wall height from 48” to 54”. They are secured to the pool using a plastic coping strip. All of our overlap liners are Perma 20 gauge to give years of enjoyment. The seams are covered by a 15 year warranty covering manufacturing defects and separation.

Beaded Liners

There are two types of beaded liners: Hang Bead or True Bead are liners that snap into a track that is hung on the top of the pool wall. J-bead or V-bead liners are liners that hang directly on the wall of the pool. They are made to fit a specific pool wall height. If you aren’t sure of the pool walls height you must measure the wall from top to bottom on the outside of the pool before you order the liner. We carry beaded liners in 52” and 54” wall heights. These liners are Perma 25 gauge, so they are thicker liners and carry a longer warranty. The seams are warrantied for 25 years against defects and separation.


Uni-bead Liners

These liners have both a hang bead and a V-bead on them so they can be either snapped into a track like a hang bead or can be attached directly to the wall like a V-bead liner. If you are using a Uni-bead liner as a V-bead no modification is necessary. If you are using a Uni-bead liner as a hang bead liner the V-bead must be removed first. Simply score the liner in the groove directly above the hang bead and peel the V-bead off. Then you can simply snap this liner into your liner track.

Example of Unibead liner being used as a hang/true bead liner in track