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Pump and Filtration Systems

The pump and filter are the heart of your pool. For sparkling clean water, adequate filtration is a must. At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas in Texas, we only carry sand filters and systems. Unlike the small cartridge filters you find on temporary disposable pools, sand filters are much more efficient and easier to use. When your pool has the proper size sand filter, the correct amount of filtering time, and proper chemicals, it will stay crystal clear with little maintenance. 

For added economy, we also offer 2-speed high-efficiency pumps. At low speed, these pumps can provide 24-hour filtration and use up to 50% less electricity than single-speed pumps operating at high speed.

We offer three packages:

  1. 19” (100 lb Sand Capacity) Tank and Valve with 3/4 HP Pump 
  2. 22” (200 lb Sand Capacity) Tank and Valve with 1 THP, 2-Speed High-Efficiency Pump
  3. 26” (300 lb Sand Capacity) Tank and Valve with 2 HP, 2-Speed High-Efficiency Pump

Pump Features

  • Pump components are custom-molded for superior strength and durability
  • 1.5” suction and discharge ports are reinforced for maximum strength
  • Large strainer basket extends the time between cleanings
  • Strainer pot lid with large, comfortable handle allows you to inspect the basket without removing it
  • All the components are designed for maximum efficiency at minimum operating expense
  • The High-Flow Above-Ground Pump was designed for superior and efficient performance
  • The high flow rate of the High-Flow pump allows for faster filtering cycles
  • Ideal for new installation or as a replacement pump
  • Easy-remove drain plugs allow for complete draining of strainer pot and pump chamber
  • Pumps are available in sizes from 3/4 – 2 horsepower to fit a wide range of residential applications
  • 1THP and 2 HP pumps are available with a 2-speed high-efficiency motor that can be operated at low speed for 24 hrs for less cost than 8 hours on high speed
  • All pump components and motors carry a 1-year repair/replacement warranty (see warranty card for complete details)

Filters Features

  • Large filters with extra sand-holding capacity
  • Durable roto-molded oval or round tanks distribute the pressure evenly, so the filter is stronger and lasts longer
  • 1-piece corrosion-proof body
  • High-flow internal diffuser provides even water distribution
  • 7-function top-mount 1.5” FPT multi-port valve with split-nut lock union
  • 1.5” drain port
  • 1-year warranty on tank, valve, and internals (see warranty card for complete details)

Turnover Capacity in Gallons (Residential)

Tank Diameter Flow Rates 6 Hours 8 Hours 10 Hours Sand Required
19” 42 gpm 15,120 20,160 25,200 100 lbs.
22” 55 gpm 19,800 26,400 33,000 200 lbs. 
26” 70 gpm 25,200 33,600 42,000 300 lbs.