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With an InnovaSpa® from Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, relaxation and wellness is just a plug ‘n play away. Built using innovative designs and top-notch materials, InnovaSpas deliver a luxury spa experience that will drain all of your stress away without draining your wallet.

Explore our three InnovaSpa models below — the Fantom, the Spartan, or the Stream — and let us know which one you think is right for you!

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What You Get with an InnovaSpa

From their seat and jet placement to their efficiency and so much more, InnovaSpas are designed with innovation in mind.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of InnovaSpas allows you to enjoy ultimate comfort as the jets gently massage you from head to toe.

Easily set the jets at your desired level and target certain areas of your body. Plus, every seat has a unique jet pattern, so you’ll receive a massage that’s unlike any other. Each jet is engineered with a specific purpose and together provides the very best hydrotherapy experience there is to offer.

Energy Efficient

You may think that because these spas plug into a standard outlet, your electricity bill is going to skyrocket. However, every InnovaSpa comes with the InnovaFlow, a system where heat is generated simply by the friction of the water, which helps cut down on energy consumption. Paired with their insulating materials, InnovaSpas create and retain heat, so you can enjoy the warmth of your spa water without worrying about a high electric bill.


Never worry about having to leave your spa behind again. InnovaSpas go where you go! Whether you happen to move away to a new house, are currently renting, or simply need a hot tub that’s easy to deliver to your vacation home, no matter the scenario, InnovaSpas can be drained and moved to their new location. And because they’re plug ‘n play, setting up your InnovaSpa in its new location is a breeze.


As a one-piece, rotationally molded spa (also known as a roto-molded hot tub), InnovaSpas need to be built out of high-quality, durable materials. That’s where their Polyethylene construction comes into play.

Polyethylene can withstand some of the harshest outdoor conditions and is completely waterproof. It also doesn’t easily scratch or chip (another perk in case you need to transport your hot tub to a new location).

Additional Features

Along with quality innovation, InnovaSpas also offers several additional entertaining features to enhance your spa enjoyment.

Water Features

Some InnovaSpas come with water features, like a soothing waterfall you can turn on to create a tranquil spa experience with its calming bubbling sound.

Lighting Features

Each InnovaSpa comes with LED corner lighting, illuminating your spa soak while also making it easier to use your spa after the sun goes down.

Affordable Quality

Luxury has never been more affordable. Even with all of these innovations and features at your fingertips, you can trust that InnovaSpas are built with quality in mind.

At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, you’ll get a steal of a deal without breaking the bank. Explore our model options below or stop by any of our six locations today in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and our expert staff can help you find the best InnovaSpa for you and your wellness lifestyle