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Family Fun Games for Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs have a reputation for relaxation, and with all the health benefits that they provide, it’s for good reason. But did you know they are a fantastic place to get the family together for some quality time? Play just one of these games and the kids will be begging to put down the electronics and join you in the hot tub for some good ole fashioned memory making!

Hot Tub Hockey

What you need – All you need for this one is a rubber duck or some other floating bath toy.
How to play – Split into two teams with your goal being to get your duck to touch the opposing team’s side of the wall. Making waves and splashing is allowed, but you CANNOT touch the duck! 1 point for each time your team scores. The first team with 3 points wins! Plot twist – Turn on the jets for an added challenge!


What you need – Two plastic cups.
How to play – You’ll have to turn the jets off for this one. Start by allowing the first cup to bob in the middle. You may have to add a little water to stabilize it. Take the second cup and fill it with water. One at a time, each player must pour water from the second cup into the first cup for 2 seconds. The one who sinks the cup is the loser!

Ping Pong Panic!

What you need – At least 5 ping pong balls, but the more the better!
How to play – Turn on the jets and release the ping pong balls, and then dodge or make waves to keep them from touching you. Once you’ve been “hit” you must climb out and the last person left is the winner. Plot twist – Add 2 more ping pong balls every 15 seconds for extra fun!

At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, our number one goal is family fun, so whether you’re looking for an above-ground pool or a hot tub, you’ll be sure to find exactly what your family needs to create life-long memories! Swing by one of our six locations, or visit our website and find a steal of a deal with Bonnie & Clyde’s!