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How Do You Install an Above Ground Pool?

How Do You Install an Above Ground Pool?

If you are looking for a fun and affordable way for your family to beat the Texas heat this summer without staying inside, then you should install an above ground pool. Above ground pools offer the same family fun as an in-ground pool, and they can be installed quickly and easily. But you are probably wondering exactly how do you install an above ground pool?

Above ground pool installation is less expensive and cumbersome than in-ground swimming pool installation. However, it still requires planning and site preparation before assembly can begin. You can install an above ground pool yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. If you are the do-it-yourself type, read on.

Planning an Above Ground Pool Installation 

An oval above ground pool has plenty of room for games and swimming.

At Bonnie and Clyde’s, we believe every Texas family deserves the fun and family bonding that comes from time together in a backyard swimming pool. That’s why we carry many above ground pool models at a variety of prices. That way every family can have fun in the hot, hot Texas summer sun. 

But, before you head over here, take time to do a little planning for your above ground pool. 

Take a look at your backyard. Determine how big of a pool your yard can support and where the best location is. Look for areas where the ground is as level as possible. Research any local ordinances and codes associated with above ground pools. Some municipalities have special permitting requirements and govern how close an above ground pool can be to a neighbor’s property line.

Also, check to see where overhead utility lines, underground utilities, and septic systems are located. Do not install your pool near them. Also, examine your yard for large tree roots and stumps that can’t be removed. If you install your pool on top of them, they could damage your liner.

Once you find the best spot in your backyard, you need to measure. Determine which will fit best — a round or an oval above ground pool. 

The Backyard Leisure round pools range in circumference from 12’ to 30’, and the oval models range from 12’x24’ to 18’x33’.

The Sharkline round pools range in circumference from 12’ to 27’, and the oval models range from 12’x24’ to 15’x30’.

Generally, a round pool will provide more swimming area and is usually easier and quicker to install. However, an oval pool may be best for the shape of your backyard.  An oval pool will also provide room to swim laps and more room for pool games with family and friends. But, the above ground pool installation is usually a bit more involved. This is because an oval pool requires additional side buttresses to support the weight distribution of the water.

Prepping for an Above Ground Pool Installation

A round above ground pool usually takes less time to install.

Once you have chosen your site and have any permits you need, begin prepping for an above ground pool installation.

First, measure the area multiple times and then mark it out. The best way to mark it out is with spray paint. Next, remove any large rocks, debris or foliage. 

Now it is time to level the area. To level the area, it is important to bring the entire area down to the lowest point. If you try to fill in low areas instead, this can cause your pool liner to be damaged.

Place 2×4’s from the center of the pool area to the outer edge. Place a level on each 2×4. Do not trust your eyes. It is important to use an actual level. If you are off by a fraction, it will cause the water pressure to be uneven. This could cause damage to your pool’s structure.

Dig approximately two inches into the ground. Keep working until the entire area is flat. Rake out any remaining rocks and debris. Moisten the soil then compress it with a hand tamper or rolling tamper.

The prepping process is necessary for your pool to have a proper foundation. Once the ground is level you can begin assembling your above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Assembly

To learn what tools you need and how to assemble a round pool watch this round above ground pool installation video and then follow your pool’s installation instructions. 

To assemble an oval pool, follow your installation instructions and watch this oval above ground pool installation video.

At Bonnie and Clyde’s, we are here with all of the premier pool products and educational resources you need. You can request your FREE Backyard Design Kit to get started on a summer full of fun. Contact us to get started!