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How Many Hours Per Day Does My Pool Pump Need to Run?

How Many Hours Per Day Does My Pool Pump Need to Run?

A pool pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment that your pool needs to be fresh, clean, and safe for swimming. Bonnie & Clyde’s pools have been entertaining families for over 40 years. Above ground pools are our specialty. We are here to help with all of your pool maintenance questions. We often hear, “How many hours per day does my pool pump need to run?” Here is the answer to that question and more.

The Pump’s Purpose

The pump is responsible for the pool water’s circulation. It gets the chemicals moving and keeps them actively spreading throughout the pool to sanitize the water. Without the pump, the pool water would not make its way to the filter for cleaning or to the chlorinator for sanitizing. For this reason, the question about the pump’s running time comes up often.

The Pump’s Performance

If money were not an issue, running the pump constantly would be superb. However, it does cost money to run the pump. This is why it is helpful to know how many hours per day the pump must run. 

The pump’s performance requirement can easily be determined by using the temperature outside as a gauge. A great guideline to follow is to run the pump one hour for every 10℉. On a 90℉ day, the pump should ideally run for at least 9 hours. 

This regular use of the pump allows the pump to turn over all of the pool’s water in a day. The chemicals will be circulated to sanitize. The filter will be able to remove unwanted algae and bacteria. And you will be able to swim worry-free.

The Pump to Purchase

As with any pool equipment, there are many pool pumps available to purchase. We have Single and Variable-Speed Pumps for Inground Pools that will work wonderfully for your pool. One of our experienced staff members can talk about the features that each pump offers for your pool. Here are just a few pieces of information about the basic pool pumps available. 

Single speed pumps are the classic pumps that have been around for decades. They are louder, but affordable. They offer just one speed for circulating the pool water, but they can still get the job done.

Dual-speed pumps are another option available. These pumps have a low speed and high speed option to use for various maintenance tasks. The low speed capability saves you money on operation costs. 

Variable speed pumps are the third type of pump to consider adding to your pool. These quiet, innovative machines are amazing. They save even more on energy and electricity costs. You can run the pump on the lowest setting for several hours without paying extra for it. 

The Prime Pumping Time

Moving water is healthy water. How many hours per day does my pool pump need to run? The pump needs sufficient hours to perform its job properly. Keep in mind that these active hours are most effective during the day when the sun is hot and breaking down chemicals.  

Another time to run the pump — even for a few extra hours — is after adding chemicals. After a shock treatment or weekly chemistry balance is a great time to do that. At those times, chemicals need to move through the water quickly. You can also run the pump for a few hours at night to get the chemicals dispersed before any swimmers are eager to cool off again. 

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