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chill out in your hot tub with patio shade

How to Chill Out in Your Hot Tub

A hot tub is the perfect quiet place to step away from hectic days. It’s a great place to sit and soak to help alleviate pain. A backyard spa is also the ideal place to spend a romantic, relaxing night with your special someone. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has been assisting the great people of Texas with their hot tub enjoyment for several decades. Let us help you with some ideas for how to chill out in your hot tub.

Temperature Tampering is Terrific

The first thing to remember about the hot tub is that everyone’s definition of “hot” is different. If you want to sweat after just a few minutes in the spa, by all means keep the temperature around 100 degrees without climbing above 104. 

However, maybe the warmer weather makes you still want hydrotherapy but not necessarily all the heat. This is a great time to keep the temperature in the mid-80s or to turn off the heater entirely. A cool, refreshing massage can be just as enjoyable as a cozy one.

Mood Music is Medicinal

Chill-out time definitely calls for some music. Music has a way of improving moods, no matter the occasion. When you’re taking some much needed me-time in the hot tub, choose your favorite classical or quiet music. You can never go wrong setting the mood for a date night with romantic music playing softly in the background. Family fun night in the hot tub can be energized by including everyone’s favorite songs for some sing-along excitement. 

Adding Accessories is Agreeable

Another perfect way to chill out is to surround yourselves with extra comforts and accessories to enjoy. Our spa photo gallery will give you some inspiring ideas to start your planning. 

Pillows are one easy way to increase your comfort level. LED lights are a great addition to a backyard setting also, especially around the hot tub where you can spend countless evening hours. Ensuring that there are fresh towels or robes readily available is another great idea for accessorizing. 

Maintenance Monitoring is a Must

Don’t forget that chilling out in the hot tub takes a little bit of prep work. Be sure to regularly care for its cleanliness and maintenance. We have our very own line of spa chemicals to help you with this important task. Our knowledgeable team can make sure that you have all of the items you’ll need for a balanced, beautiful soak. 

Remembering Refreshments is Recommended

One final thing to remember for how to chill out in your hot tub is that snacks make everything better! Remembering to have refreshments on hand — for any soaking occasion — is recommended. 

For alone time, have your favorite cool beverage and a book nearby. Together time with your sweetheart calls for their favorite things — sweets or salty snacks to wash down with their favorite drink of choice. Lots of ice cold water and munchies are sure to make family hot tub time perfect too.

We carry Bahama Spas® and InnvoSpas hot tubs that are enjoyable anytime. Come by and get your chill-out spot if you don’t have one. If you do, boost your enjoyment level with these helpful tips! From our pool supplies in Decatur to our swim spas in Burleson, Bonnie & Clyde’s has what you need for your backyard enjoyment.