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above ground pools vs swim spas

Above Ground Pools vs. Swim Spas

A swimming pool—in any form—is a great addition to a home. Each family has different likes and dislikes. This means leisure time has a different meaning for everyone. If you’re torn between above ground pools vs. swim spas, Bonnie & Clyde’s friendly team can help you determine the best choice for you and your loved ones. 

Perks of an Above Ground Pool

For questions about above ground pools, you are in good hands. Bonnie & Clyde’s has been serving communities for over 40 years, and we have the Best Above Ground Pools in Texas. There are many reasons families choose this form of entertainment.

  • If a day of traditional swimming is your idea of perfection, an above ground pool is a great choice. There is ample room to swim for exercise, and there is also plenty of space for splashing and laughing.
  • If your house is the gathering place for your friends and your children’s friends, choosing a pool will make everyone happy. Water sports are very popular, and the possibilities for fun in the pool are endless.
  • Adding a pool to your backyard instantly increases the value of your home. If you have a large space to work with, a pool is definitely the option to consider. It adds beauty to your home that you will enjoy for years to come.
  • An above ground pool installation costs less than that of a swim spa. Upkeep for a pool is a little more expensive, but you can decide which months will be the most active for the pool and budget accordingly.

Benefits of a Swim Spa 

Swim spas have become very popular for active families. We carry the Bahama Line of Swim Spas and know you will be pleased with their quality if you go this route. If you are a visual shopper, you can visit our North Richland Hills store to see one of these wonderful swim spas on display.

  • Swim spas can be enjoyed year-round because they include a built-in heater. A summer day can be cool and refreshing, and a winter day can be warm and relaxing. The spa effects are also ideal for therapeutic soaking, easing sore muscles and tension after a long day. 
  • If exercising with a little resistance sounds appealing, a swim spa would be perfect for you. The adjustable water pressure in a swim spa makes swimming and other various exercises more challenging.  
  • Initially a swim spa costs a little more than an above ground pool, but the installation is a little simpler. The cost of maintaining a swim spa is not as high, which means using it all the time would not stretch your budget. 
  • A swim spa is much more mobile than a swimming pool. If circumstances change and you find yourself selling your home, you can take the swim spa with you to your new location. 
  • A swim spa is smaller and can be installed in smaller yards and even indoors. This is another feature an above ground pool cannot offer.

The ultimate choice for above ground pools vs. swim spas is yours. They both offer unique features, and you get to decide which one best fits your lifestyle. Visit any of our 6 convenient store locations in the Fort Worth area, and let our decades of experience put your mind at ease as you finalize your decision.