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landscaping tips for your hot tub

Landscaping Tips for Your Hot Tub

Landscaping is a wonderful way to beautify any area of your property. Adding structures, plants, and greenery to any space adds to the atmosphere. The natural beauty of nature enhances so many things, especially a hot tub layout. We’ve put together some fantastic landscaping tips for your hot tub, helping to create your one-of-a-kind backyard retreat.

Create a Plan First

Before you start planting trees or shrubs or moving things around, you must first decide the exact placement of your hot tub. You want the layout you choose to complement your home and any other features that your backyard haven of relaxation includes. If your hot tub is already placed, then you can begin the fun of customizing your landscaping. 

Be sure that you choose plants that thrive in your environment. Not every plant loves Texas. Research which greenery options work well in our heat, and which require a certain skill level to maintain. Some gardens need very little maintenance and are perfect for a beginner, while others need more upkeep and are great for those with a green thumb. 

Consider Privacy Next

Hot tub moments are often quiet and relaxing, and being able to enjoy your spa in private is ideal. When you are choosing landscaping features, there are certain shrubs and plants that can provide a privacy screen. Bamboo, cyprus, and holly shrubs are just a few popular options that can be used for a natural wall. There are also vine plants like clematis or ivy that could quickly grow up an existing nearby fence, if that is an option. Enclosing the hot tub on at least a few sides will give you the feeling of solitude you desire. 

Choose Plants Carefully

Beauty can be deceiving when it comes to trees, flowers, and plants around the hot tub. Choosing a plant just for its look or scent can have negative effects if the vegetation is known to be a messy species. Floating petals and leaves can be hard on the filtration system of your hot tub. You also don’t want to attract bees or wasps, so fruit trees and other sweet types of flowers are not recommended. Your local florist can help you choose fauna that will flourish and make the landscaping exactly as you want it.

Complete Your Paradise

Pampering the hot tub setting with finishing touches is always a good idea. Adding mood lighting will never disappoint, and keeping a rack nearby for towels and robes is also nice. Relaxing in the hot tub while enjoying the landscaping features and plantlife you have chosen is a dream come true. 
At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we’ve been serving the Fort Worth Metroplex since 1979, and our experience and knowledge are yours to access! Our friendly spa professionals are excited to help walk you through the BEST landscaping tips for your hot tub. And, if you need some inspiration, check out our Spa Photo Gallery to help with your planning. Contact us, or stop by one of our six convenient locations today!