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Can I Teach My Kids to Swim with a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are a great place to teach your kids how to swim. Not only will you be in the comfort of your own home, but you have access to practice at any time – weather permitting. Having the ability to adjust the water flow and temperature can also play a role in making the environment comfortable for a first-time learner. 

When Can I Start Swimming Lessons?

As soon as babies can temperature regulate and are at a lower risk of infections – generally around six months old – it is a good idea to start getting them used to the water. Although true swimming lessons won’t start until later, getting your baby used to splashing around in the water is a great first step.

Generally, children are ready to begin swimming lessons around the age of four, although some three-year-olds may also show signs of being ready. Starting swimming lessons early and continuing lessons as they grow can have a significant impact on your child’s water safety practices. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Swim Spa for Swimming Lessons?

There are several reasons why a swim spa may be ideal for teaching your kids how to swim. While a pool can serve the same purpose, there are some extra advantages to a swim spa. 

Regulate Temperature

It can be difficult to heat a pool to an exact temperature, especially if you want to make quick changes. With a swim spa, the water temperature can be adjusted much faster, meaning you can set the ideal temperature for your children when they are going to be using it. 

A large part of teaching your child to swim is getting them comfortable in the water. Having the water set to a warm – not hot – setting can help ease them into the idea of swimming. Having the ability to regulate the temperature also means you can have your kids in the water at a younger age. 

Smaller Swimming Area

Another benefit to using a swim spa for your child’s swimming lessons is that they are smaller than a pool. This can be beneficial for a few reasons. The first reason is that this can be less intimidating for young children who haven’t spent much time in the water yet. Another reason is it is less likely that there will be other kids in the swimming area, as this can be distracting for the child trying to learn. 

It can also be beneficial to use a swim spa because you won’t be chasing your child around the pool while trying to help them swim. You will be able to stand in one spot while helping to hold your child above the water while they kick. The water flow will imitate the action of moving around the water. 

Learn to Swim At Home

Swim spas are generally located at home, in your own backyard. Having the ability to teach your kids to swim at home can make the process a whole lot easier. At home, your kids will not have the distractions of a public pool; they are also likely to be more comfortable. 

While a full-sized pool is not always an option for everyone, a swim spa is much more versatile. A swim spa can fit in tighter places, may be less expensive than an inground pool, and can be easier to take care of. 

Which Swim Spa is Best for Swimming Lessons?

When choosing a swim spa, we recommend the XL14000 from Four Winds. This spa has it all, including a waterway variable speed distribution, two jetted seats for relaxing, eight water fountains, LED lighting, and more. 

Teaching your kids how to swim is an invaluable lesson, and using a swim spa can help make the process go smoothly for both you and your child. Come visit Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas at our North Richland Hills location today to see one of these amazing swim spas in person. You can also reach out to any Bonnie and Clyde’s locations with questions. Their team of professionals are there to help!