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dog swim in my above ground pool

Can My Dog Swim in My Above Ground Pool?

As summer approaches, the pool becomes increasingly inviting. Pool owners who have dogs they dote on often wonder, “Can my dog swim in my above ground pool?” In short, yes—dogs can safely swim. They have a natural ability to stay afloat in the water. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has been installing and servicing Above Ground Pools for over 40 years in the Fort Worth Metroplex. Our experience with these common topics, such as the practicality and safety of a family dog joining the aquatic fun, can be used to your advantage. Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking the dog into the pool for a cool down. 

Rinse Before Plunging In

Many people rinse their bodies off before entering a pool. With a dog, this practice is highly recommended. The pool is NOT a bathtub, and you don’t want to add unwanted sludge to the water. Pre-wetting your dog removes excess hair, dirt, and other grime that quickly puts extra stress on your filter. A wet dog running through dirt and grass to the pool water is counterproductive. A lift might be necessary to get your excited friend to the water. 

Pool Water Stays in the Pool

Dogs have a natural tendency to pant and want to lap up water when they are out in the heat for any length of time. Do NOT let your pet drink the pool water, as the pool chemicals are not meant to be ingested. Just make sure there is fresh water nearby that your pooch can access when needed.

A Resting Spot is a Must

Dogs enjoy the water as much as humans, if not more. However, they will tire of treading water eventually. Since dogs cannot stand on the bottom of the pool to rest, be sure you have a plan in mind for a special resting place for your precious puppy. Pool Ladders & Steps are a great spot for a dog’s break from swimming. You just might have to train the dog about accessing these relaxation spaces. A float is another option, if the dog is not too large. 

Furry Friends Affect Filters

If your dog is a regular visitor in your pool, add a few extra filter checks to your list of maintenance tasks. Even if your dog is not a heavy shedder, the pool water will naturally collect loose hairs that will make their way to the filter. As long as you check the filter often, this will not be a problem. 

Doggy Doesn’t Dunk Unattended

One more important tip to keep in mind is that the dog should not have unsupervised entrance to the pool. Water is powerful, and safety is top priority. Do not leave your pet outside with pool entry possible, unless there are people in the pool to make sure that all is well. 

Recap….Can My Dog Swim in My Above Ground Pool?

Yes—enjoy the refreshing pool with your sweet dog. Just keep these tips in mind and always use caution. Don’t let your dog’s nails get too long either, as some scratches to the lining could be destructive. Visit any of our stores to find the Pool Maintenance items you will need to make your summer—and your dog’s—the best ever!