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How to Make Your Backyard a Private Water Park

A visit to a water park sparks great excitement for people of all ages. Imagine if your backyard aquatic haven were this exciting! You could visit the attractions anytime, and you could share the experience with all the people you care about. At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, we have been helping people build their own entertainment centers for over 40 decades. Let us share our experience and knowledge with you about how to make your backyard a private water park. An Above-Ground Pool is the perfect centerpiece for your backyard water park.

Designing the Dream Destination

To start the planning process, you can Request a Backyard Design Kit. This no-cost design tool is a great way to see your dream destination laid out on paper. All of the items that enter your mind’s eye for your private water park can be included on this blueprint. You can try different sizes and shapes of pool to see which one fits best with your other design ideas. One of our experienced team members can walk you through this process.

Reaching for Ready Refreshments

Once your pool is chosen, the surrounding area can get your attention. Everyone knows that a great water park has refreshing beverages and delicious snacks readily available. An outdoor kitchen area is a great addition to a backyard. Hungry swimmers will not need to drip into the house when they pause for refreshments. Heat demands hydration, and having ice-cold drinks in a nearby fridge is convenient. A grill is another backyard bonus that makes the environment more perfect, the delicious smells making you feel like you’re at an actual water park.

Lounging on the Lawn

A water park would not be complete without some lawn chairs and deck furniture to utilize. Soaking up the sun is another reason people visit a water park. After enjoying the cool water, relaxing in a pool chair is amazing. Having a private water park means you can kick back without prying eyes and annoying noises of countless strangers around. There are several options for beautifying your deck and surrounding area. Let one of our friendly staff help you find the perfect furniture for your oasis.

Adding Amazing Accessories

An above-ground pool can always use an upgrade, especially when creating a private water park. We have Lights and Fountains that add to swimming enjoyment. Pretty fountains add splashing fun and soothing sounds. You can never go wrong with an LED light for the pool either. Lights can add to whatever atmosphere you desire. 

Slides are another popular water park attraction you could include in your plans. Lazy river floating is an additional activity to enjoy, which means floats of all kinds are a must. There are several aquatic sports to think of adding as well, such as basketball and volleyball. Scuba gear and diving toys are a pool pastime to consider including too.
These are just some ways to transform your backyard into a private water park. Let your imagination run wild! Visit one of our six convenient locations to get the inspiration for your very own backyard water park.