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Does My Pool Liner Need to be Replaced?

Does My Pool Liner Need to be Replaced?

As you’ve spent countless hours enjoying your above ground pool during the hot Texas summer, you surely noticed many things surrounding you. The deck, landscaping, and pool itself had your regular attention. Maybe the pool liner caught your eye a few times during swim season. And you are now starting to wonder, “Does my pool liner need to be replaced?” Let the local experts in above ground pools at Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas help you determine the answer to this important question.

Time Will Tell

Time takes a toll on most things. Pool liners are no exception to this. With the intense rays of the sun and the high quality chemicals that clean pool water requires, a pool liner cannot last forever. After 6-10 years, on average, you will need to update a high quality above ground pool liner. Our knowledgeable staff has created a helpful resource to assist pool owners in knowing how to choose an above ground liner

Cracks Will Concur

Maybe your liner is a tough one, and it has survived its average lifespan. Another indicator that the pool liner needs to be changed out is excessive cracks. Cracks in the liner can cause leaking. Some small cracks can be repaired to help the liner last a short amount of time, but no cracks can be left unattended for long. Our experienced team is here to help you determine when a crack can be repaired or when it’s time for a completely new liner. 

Cracking or tearing often occurs around the surface of the pool because that area is most exposed to the elements. If you notice multiple fissures, be sure to keep an eye on the water level. Evaporation and activity naturally take a small amount of water out. However, a leak can cause significant water loss in a short amount of time.

Fading Will Follow

The next sign that your pool liner is wearing out is tell-tale fading. When you notice that the liner’s brightness and pattern is disappearing, that means it has served its job well. Stains from rust and algae are also not something you want hanging around on those pool walls either.   

Stretching Will Show

One final thing that will assure you that it’s time for a new pool liner is excessive stretching. The liner should be tightly held in place to do its job well. If it’s slipping off the track frequently or wrinkling in several places, a replacement is in order. Fall is the perfect time to get a new liner installed. Then you won’t forget about the issue, and you won’t miss out on the final days of swim season.

Here to Help

Does my pool liner need to be replaced? The above signs are definitely indicators that it’s time for a new liner. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools & Spas’ pools have been beautifying the Metroplex for over 40 years. We have beautiful pool liner pattern options to help you make your pool look fresh and amazing, just like it did from day one. 

We are here to make sure that you have what you need to enjoy your pool as much as possible. Our pool supplies, from Burleson to Decatur, are top of the line. Visit us today at any of our 6 convenient locations.