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How Pool Pumps and Filters Work Together

Swimming pools provide amazing aquatic entertainment for countless people. Understanding all of the equipment that a pool requires to function properly is an important part of pool ownership. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has been in operation since 1979. We are a family-run business that helps the families of Texas with all of their pool necessities — from finding the perfect pool and pool equipment to accessorizing the pool for added enjoyment. Let us help you understand how pool pumps and filters work together.

A pool’s filtration system is crucial to a pool’s successful operation. This is why the pump and filter are important to understand. These two pieces of equipment are the key to having clear, clean water to enjoy. Bonnie & Clyde’s carries pumps and filters from Waterway™ Plastics; these pieces of equipment are designed to keep your above-ground pool in pristine condition. 

The Pump’s Purpose

Understanding the purpose of the pump is first on our list. A pool pump is designed to move water through the pool. Centrifugal force is how a pool pump does its important job — moving water away from its center force. The pool water is pulled into the pump through an internal impeller. It then travels through the strainer pot, the round piece at the front of the pump, to sift out large debris. Finally, the impeller takes the water to the filter. 

The Filter’s Purpose

Next, let’s look at the reasons your pool needs a filter. The filter, along with important chemicals, does the vital work of keeping the water safe for swimming. Fresh, clean water that is clear and welcoming is a result of the filter doing its job well.

Dirty water enters the filter’s inlet. Gravity then pulls the water back out, leaving the dirt and other contaminants behind.

There are various types of filters available for pools. At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we carry only sand filters because we believe that they are much more efficient and user-friendly. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the pump and filter that will keep your pool performing at its best.

The Importance of the Partnership

Now you can see that pump and filtration systems are the nucleus of the pool’s operation. Together they ensure that the pool is beautiful and beckoning. Each depends on the other to complete its mission — safe swimming.

A great way to sum up the important partnership is this — a closed-loop system. The skimmer, an initial filter itself, is the first stop on the water’s route through the pool. The next stop is the pump, where the pump’s basket (or strainer pot) catches large pieces of waste. Finally, the water enters the filter to be sanitized and sent back out into the pool. The process can then start over to continuously keep the water moving, and thus, removing unwanted elements. 

In a nutshell, this is how pumps and filters work together to keep the pool healthy and the swimmers happy. Need an above-ground pool, Decatur? We’ve got a great selection. Need pool supplies, Burleson? We’ve got those too. With 6 Metroplex locations, your pool needs are in excellent hands. Come see us today!