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what to do when my above ground pool is green

Help! My Above Ground Pool is Green! What Should I Do?

Help! My above ground pool is green! What should I do? Don’t worry. If you have pool water that’s discolored, it’s not the end of the world. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has been working with above ground pools since our company began over 40 years ago. Texans with above ground pools rely on our expertise for all their pool maintenance needs and questions. Here is what you can do when your pool water is no longer bright and blue.

Don’t Dismay and Drain

First, you might panic and be tempted to drain the entire pool. But this is not the solution to the problem. Above ground pools can be damaged quickly and easily if there is no water in them. Let our experienced pool technicians help you locate the above ground pool chemicals that you need to get rid of that green. We have our own line of quality chemicals that are perfect for Texas pools. 

Determine the Cause of the Discoloration

Next, you want to determine the cause of the discoloration. Then you can figure out the best ways to treat the issue and to prevent it from happening again. More than likely, there is algae in the water that is making its presence known. When the free chlorine level is low, algae get busy working. This is why weekly water tests are essential during swim season (at a bare minimum).

There are other factors that can also allow algae growth to go into overdrive. If the temperatures have been extremely high or if you’ve experienced heavy rains, be sure to include an algaecide in your regular maintenance routine. This is the best way to prevent algae from quickly saturating the water.

Decide Which Chemicals to Distribute

Another must for correcting this problem is to decide which chemicals to distribute in your pool to help remove the green. A pool shock is a good way to get a great amount of chemicals into the water quickly. The shock will begin sanitizing and clearing the nasty green out. 

Remember that an algaecide is helpful to remove green, too. Maybe you forgot to include some after adverse weather conditions to prevent the spread of algae. Now is the time! The algaecide will work quickly to destroy the green growth that is happening. And, as always, make sure your chlorine (or other sanitizer) level is where it needs to be also. 

Do the Dirty Work

Finally, to help your above ground pool when it is green, give it a good cleaning. This dirty work will go a long way in getting the water back to the blue hue you want. Start by checking the filter. If it’s dirty or clogged, that could be part of the problem. 

Then continue your deep cleaning by giving attention to the hard-to-reach areas that do not get much circulation. Use a brush to remove any visible dirt. Wipe down all the surfaces, too. And give your amazing automatic pool cleaner from Fluidra® an extra spin or two around the pool. You should start to see a visible improvement very soon.

Don’t Delay Driving Out the Green

So, when you cry out, “Help! My above ground pool is green! What should I do?”, Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas is here to help. Contact us or come by anytime. We have six stores conveniently located across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for your convenience. Whatever pool supplies you need from Decatur to Burleson, we are here to assist you. A green pool can be blue again in no time.