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Make an above ground pool look really nice with beautiful Texas landscaping

How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Really Nice

Above ground pools are an affordable and easy-to-install alternative to inground pools. With a little planning and the right pool supplies, it is possible to make an above ground pool look really nice in your Dallas-Ft. Worth area backyard. 

Let’s look at some ways to make your above ground pool the star of your backyard.

Add the Right Pool Supplies and Chemicals

The first way to make an above ground pool look really nice is to keep your pool water crystal clean. At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we offer the supplies you need to keep your water pristine. 

Big box chemicals are formulated to sell nationally. But what is good for a pool in another state and climate is probably not what your Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex pool needs.

That’s why at Bonnie & Clyde’s, we’re proud to offer our own line of pool chemicals designed specifically with your Texas family in mind. We know the local water supply and we are experts at keeping it clean. We are your neighbors, and we want you and your family to always have clean pool water for a healthy and safe summer. 

Add Decking and Shade to Beat the Texas Heat

Above ground pool with deck and shade
A beautiful deck adds a place to relax beside your pool.

To make an above ground pool look really nice, consider installing decking. Decks can be built around your pool in a variety of ways. 

You could create a beautiful walkway from your patio to the deck around your above ground pool. Decks can be raised completely around your pool which will give your above ground pool an inground feel. Add comfy seating with decorative touches and make sure to add the right ladder for safety when getting in and out of your pool.

For shade, add patio umbrellas, plants with large leaves, or go all out by adding a pergola.

Add Beautiful Texas Landscaping

Spanish lavender can help keep mosquitoes away from your above ground pool
Spanish lavender helps keep mosquitoes away.

Make an above ground pool look really nice by adding beautiful Texas landscaping around your pool and deck. Be sure to choose plants that are either native or that can tolerate our extreme heat for ease of care and to help with water runoff around your pool.

Consider low-maintenance evergreen shrubs like juniper, privet, or nandina for hedging and to provide color year-round. You can include color and variety around your Dallas-Ft Worth pool with heat-resistant flowering plants, ornamental grasses, and succulents. Consider Mexican feather grass for a light romantic touch. Texas palmettos will give your above ground pool a tropical feel. And the large leaves of a banana tree will not only be an interesting feature but will also provide needed shade.

When designing the landscaping around your pool, take into consideration pests, weeds, and nutgrass. To help keep mosquitoes away, try a mixed container of rosemary, mint, and Spanish lavender. At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we also offer lawn chemicals and accessories to keep the weeds and nutgrass away from your pool and landscaping.

Add Fun Features and Lighting

Lastly, lighting will make your pool safe and fun to use at night. Solar lights are easy to install around your pool and can provide a picturesque view of your pool at night. You can also install lighting inside your pool for safe nighttime fun. 

Another way to add fun and interest to your pool is with a fountain. Fountains and lighting can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary. 

At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we offer a selection of lights and fountains as well as pool supplies and equipment to help keep your pool safe and enjoyable for years to come.