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winterize an above ground pool

How do you Winterize an Above Ground Pool in Texas?

After last year’s freeze, many people are looking to better protect their investments this winter by trying to winterize an above ground pool. If you have never done this before though, it can be intimidating to take on the first time. Don’t worry! Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas is here to help with some step-by-step instructions to ensure your pool is ready for the coming Texas winter. 

Clean Everything Before You Winterize an Above Ground Pool

Start by cleaning your pool as you normally would during the year. You may take some extra care to ensure that everything is extra clean if you tend to cut corners. This will ensure that your water is at its best to be covered up for a few months. Having everything clean before covering will help keep anything nasty from growing until you open it in the spring. You may even want to take the opportunity to clean the patio area while you are at it. Totally optional and up to you.

Balance the Chemistry of Your Water

This will still feel like any old day cleaning your pool for regular use. You will want to balance out the water. Using your test strips make sure everything is well balanced before moving any further.

Drain the Water Before You Winterize an Above Ground Pool

After going through your typical routine, you will want to drain the water below the skimmer of the pool. This will keep water from being in any pumps or lines and cause damage to them if it should freeze this winter. Protecting these parts of your pool equipment is the most important part of winterizing your above ground pool.

Remove Pumps, Hoses, and Accessories

Once you have drained the water sufficiently, you will want to remove all of the extra parts from your pool and store them away somewhere safe for the season. This will make sure some of the more expensive parts of your pool are protected no matter how cold it gets. Having them stored away together completely eliminates the worry of anything freezing and bursting in them!

Add Winter Chemicals to Winterize an Above Ground Pool

Now you are ready to add extra winter chemicals to your pool before covering it. We have a specific list of chemicals that you will need at the bottom of this article for you to view. Be sure these are mixed in the water and settled. 

Place Air Pillow and Cover

You can now blow up your air pillow and place it in the center of the pool. This allows for expansion should anything freeze. Having this extra layer of protection will keep your actual pool shell from cracking. You can use a winter cover over the entire pool and a pillow to keep any debris out. Secure the cover and you are ready to wait for spring!

In Texas, closing your pool is always optional, but should you decide you want to protect yourself, we have included a printout below with very detailed information. If you need any help or items from the list, Bonnie & Clyde’s has experts waiting at all six locations to ensure you are ready to take on this job.