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Installing an Above Ground Pool Isn’t as Scary as You Think

Swim season is just wrapping up here in Texas. Maybe you visited friends and family all season long to get your swimming in. This has led you to the conclusion that you are going to get your own above ground pool for next year. Planning now for this backyard addition is a really great idea, because there is time to prepare yourself, your yard, and your budget for an exciting new pool. And don’t worry; installing an above ground pool isn’t as scary as you think.  

Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has earned a reputation in the Fort Worth Metroplex for being experts on above ground pools, from Decatur to North Richland Hills. Our company began in 1979 when our founders moved from the north and found that affordable, amazing above ground pools needed to be shared with the great state of Texas. Let us help put your mind at ease that installing an above ground pool is very doable.

A pool purchase comes with extras

We carry pool kits from Backyard Leisure® and Sharkline® that are designed to make self installation as easy as possible. This informative AGP brochure will give you all the details you need to know about the premier products we carry. Our selection of pools offers the largest variety of sturdy above ground pools in the area.

Each pool also comes with extras that you will need for your pool’s success. Some of these additions include a ladder, a liner, a skimmer, a return jet, a pump and filter system, and even a maintenance kit. We want you to be able to get the pool up and ready for enjoyment as quickly as you can. 

Get the ground ready

The ground in your backyard may need some excavation to prepare it for a permanent fixture like an above ground pool. This is because a swimming pool needs to be installed on a smooth, level surface. Enlist some help from friends to get the yard ready when the weather permits in the spring.

Install the electricity correctly

Another item to put on your list of preparation to-dos is the electric work that the pool installation will require. The kit will come with instructions for you to peruse. If you feel like this might be above your level of expertise, you can always enlist help from an experienced electrician friend.

Line and fill the walls with water quickly

Finally, you will be ready for the pool walls to be assembled. Be sure you do this when you have plenty of time available. You also might want some help to connect everything and get the liner installed. The water then needs to be added very soon after this. You want to protect the liner from the sun from the get-go. Also, water is a big part of what helps to keep AGPs structurally sound. 

As you can see, installing an above ground pool isn’t as scary as you think. Bonnie & Clyde’s has six convenient locations to serve you. Our experienced team is here to help you if you run across any issues or questions with getting your pool up and running. We want you to have your own pool to enjoy for years to come because “wetter is better!”