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Prepping your Hot Tub for the Cold Season

New seasons bring excitement for all the anticipated events each quarter of the year holds. As we head into the cold months, there are certain things you want to do to prepare for enjoying your backyard and the amenities it holds. After you get the pool prepared for its off-time, you also need to start prepping your hot tub for the cold season. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas is here to help you make sure you have everything you need for the ultimate hot tub enjoyment during the brisk soaking nights ahead.

Soaking Requires a Spa

First, you want to make sure that you have the best hot tub for your regular soaking needs. Maybe you need an upgrade, or perhaps you are looking for your first spa ever. Bonnie & Clyde’s has Bahama Spas® and InnovaSpa® hot tubs for you to choose from. 

Our knowledgeable staff can talk to you about the size and features you’re looking for in your spa. No matter which one you choose, you will definitely be satisfied. Any of these durable machines will be the perfect destination for the many cool fall evenings to come. 

Clear, Clean Water Requires Chemicals 

Next, you want to make sure that you have high quality chemicals to keep your hot tub water clear and clean. We have designed our very own line of pool and spa chemicals. They are specifically designed for the climate of Texas. 

Being able to soak at a moment’s notice is ideal and makes regular maintenance a must. This means you will want to frequently test the water chemistry to make sure all the levels are where they should be. 

The chlorine (1-3 ppm) and bromine (3-5 ppm) are the agents that sanitize the water. Another number to check is the pH level (7.2-7.8). This is the chemical property of the water that helps to keep the chlorine in balance. The total alkalinity (80-120 ppm) is the property that keeps the pH in balance. This means the lower the alkalinity, the more effective the chlorine. To keep the water from foaming, keep an eye on the calcium hardness level too (100-150 ppm).

Cozy Hot Tubs Require Covering

You also want to make sure that your hot tub cover is in pristine condition. The cover helps to keep the water warm and cozy. It also helps to keep debris out and chemicals in. As soon as you finish soaking, be sure to close the lid until your next visit.

Safe Entry to Hot Tubs Requires Stairs

One final thing to check as you are prepping your hot tub for the cold season is the condition of the stairs. You want a safe entry into the inviting hot tub, especially with the busiest hot tub season of the year having made its appearance. Replacing stairs that are cracked or worn out will give you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones will have no problem safely entering or exiting the warm water.

Come see us as you make those final hot tub preparations. Our spa and pool supplies, from Burleson to Decatur, are highly sought after. In fact, we have six stores across the Fort Worth Metroplex for your convenience.