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Less Screen Time, More Swim Spa Time

Less Screen Time, More Swim Spa Time

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Many families across the nation find themselves with extra time together during the days without the regular routine of school. That said, days with no set schedules can be a little tricky. Screen time becomes a popular way for people to pass the lazy days that summer provides. So, maybe you and your family are looking for less screen time, more swim spa time this year. 

Bonnie & Clyde’s has wonderful Swim Spas to help you reach your goals for more physical activity and less screen time. We carry Bahama Swim Spas that make great additions to any backyard. Want to see one of these beauties in person? Stop by our North Richland Hills location where we have one displayed for your benefit.

Dark Screens Mean More Direct Speaking

We all know that screens very easily distract. Even when you mean well, your phone or computer screen can pull your attention away from those around you. Purposefully turning off the screens to spend time together in a swim spa means your undivided attention will be available for your loved ones. Anything happening on the devices can wait for a little bit. Making memories together in a swim spa is priceless.

Swim Spas Affords Anytime Advantages

A swim spa is designed uniquely and affords advantages that can be utilized year-round. One thing that it provides is a perfect place for aquatic exercise. The low-impact exercise is exhilarating and beneficial. There are all kinds of swim spa accessories that you can find also that give more variety for workouts. 

Another advantage of a swim spa is the opportunity to swim for pleasure. The space is more limited with a swim spa, but swimming and splashing can still be enjoyed as if it were a swimming pool. Refreshing water is fun, no matter what shape it comes in.

One final aspect of a swim spa that you can definitely appreciate anytime is the spa features. One end of the machine provides a therapeutic massage to enjoy after an aquatic workout, a few hours of swimming, or a long work day. The dual purpose design makes a swim spa a well-liked choice for so many families.

All of these advantages are available when the need for screen shutdowns arises. Maybe you need alone time to shut out stress and relax. Perhaps your family needs some time to chat face-to-face with no distractions to interrupt. Possibly a gathering with friends needs a place where everyone is giving their undivided attention for some much-needed togetherness. A swim spa is the convenient solution for all of these situations.

Pushing “Off” Purposefully Produces Pleasure

Once you and your loved ones experience the fun and relaxation that a swim spa provides, you will find yourselves purposefully pushing “off” on your devices for the sole purpose of visiting the swim spa. The pleasure you find in spending quality time together will be something you want to repeat often. Experiencing less screen time, more swim spa time will change your summer for the better. Bonnie & Clyde’s has been serving families in the pool and spa world for over 40 years. We are here to help you find complete enjoyment with a swim spa. Visit us today!