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Prepping Your Backyard for a New Pool & Hot Tub

Prepping Your Backyard for a New Pool & Hot Tub

Backyard leisure is something that countless people enjoy on a regular basis. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas was founded in south Texas in 1979. For over 40 years, we have been in the backyard leisure business. We are here to help you take the leap into pool and hot tub ownership. There’s never a wrong time to get your own backyard set up for endless enjoyment. As your dreams finally come true, you will most definitely be prepping your backyard for a new pool & hot tub. Here are some things to keep in mind during this time of anticipation.

Prepping for the Pool is Primary

If you had to choose which item to add first when the summer heat is beating down, the pool would definitely win. As long as you are Setting Your Above Ground Pool Up for Success, you will be ready to enjoy the refreshing water before you know it. 

Picking Your Amazing Pool

Bonnie & Clyde’s is known as experts in above ground pools in Texas. We carry Backyard Leisure® Pools and Sharkline® Pools for your family’s enjoyment. We also offer a Backyard Design Kit that can be helpful for your planning and prepping.

Above ground pools require very little installation work. Our team can help you install your pool, or you can opt to do it on your own. There is no extended wait time. You can be swimming within just a day or two without any delays hindering the process.

Purchasing Accompanying Products

Once you make your pool choice, you will need to gather the pool equipment and accessories that will help your pool to function at its best. You can find our high quality pool supplies in Arlington or any of the surrounding areas of the Metroplex.  

We carry Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners that make regular maintenance much simpler for you. A brush and skimmer net are also great to have handy for quick, easy cleaning when you see something that needs immediate attention.

Our very own Pool Chemicals, designed specifically for Texas, are another must-have for your new pool. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find all the chemicals you need for clear, clean water.

The final item you cannot forget is the Pump and Filtration System. Without these essentials, your pool cannot function properly. The size and type of pool will determine which pump and filter you need. 

Protecting the Pool is Paramount

Landscaping Isn’t Just for Looks

One important thing to think about when you’re planning your backyard layout with the pool in the center is How to Perform Lawn Care Around Your Above Ground Pool. There are some great ways to surround the pool area with things other than grass to make mowing and yard work easier for you. Landscaping can be useful in addition to being beautiful.

  • Concrete – If you want the area around the pool to be a solid surface, concrete is a popular choice for surrounding above ground pools. 
  • Gravel – Another great material to use for the pool’s perimeter is gravel. You can customize the look with various colors and styles of pebbles.
  • Mulch – Rubber mulch is one more idea for a beautiful, soft pool border. It is heavy enough to stay put, and the wind will not carry it into the pool water.

Mowing Must Be Done Mindfully

All of these are great alternatives to use around the pool. However, if you choose to just leave the grass, you will need to mow carefully. Be sure that the mower blade faces away from the pool, just in case something unexpectedly flies out. Avoid using a weed eater close by either. Debris hitting the pool could easily damage it. 

A mower with a bag is also a great choice to collect the grass cuttings. Otherwise, feet moving toward the pool can easily track grass clippings into the water. Eliminating as much debris as possible is your goal.

Selecting the Spa is Next

A pool and spa are the best of friends. Once you’ve got your pool up and running, you will want to carefully select the perfect hot tub also. Our InnovaSpas® hot tubs and Bahama Spas® hot tubs are wonderful additions to any backyard design layout.

A hot tub is the ultimate relaxation destination, and you want to get the backyard setup just right. If you need inspiration, here are some Landscaping Tips for Your Hot Tub. You can surround the hot tub with many different things that will offer privacy while being aesthetically pleasing.

Remember to accessorize your hot tub also. Keep some towels or robes nearby. Don’t forget romantic music and refreshing drinks. Our spa supplies, from Burleson to Decatur, are just what you need. We have our own line of spa chemicals to keep your warm water welcoming too. 

Last but NOT Least is Loving Your Oasis

Once you are done prepping your backyard for a new pool and hot tub, you will be busy loving the result. There are all kinds of ways to spend time with the ones you love, and enjoying time with them in your backyard leisure area is indescribable. In fact, you can Make Your Backyard a Private Water Park to explore anytime you want.

Swim and Soak 

You’ve waited long enough to be a pool and spa owner. Enjoy swimming and soaking as often as you can. Swim season can be enjoyed for several months in Texas. Hot tubs don’t have a season — they are available for anytime enjoyment!

Stop and Snack

Don’t forget to have plenty of snacks ready for a day at your private water park. Ice cold beverages are another must-have item for your list. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to keep these essentials. Maybe it’s time to add one of those too!

Rest and Relax

Complete your water park design with some comfortable chairs and some shade. A day of enjoyable outdoor activities necessitates some rest and relaxation too. Enjoy a book or a nap before heading back to your favorite spot for the day — the wonderful water.

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