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Turn Your Backyard into the Coolest Place this Summer

Turn Your Backyard into the Coolest Place this Summer

We all need a cooling off place during the sweltering days of the hottest part of the year — especially in Texas. Why not turn your backyard into the coolest place this summer? Then you can visit your heat relief oasis anytime you want and for as long as you need. With 6 convenient Bonnie & Clyde’s locations in the Fort Worth metroplex, our knowledgeable team is available to help you find all of the things your backyard needs to be this refreshing.

Backyards are a favorite gathering place, especially during the summer months. You want to be able to enjoy spending time with the ones you love without melting in the heat. Birthdays and holidays during this time of the year are often celebrated in backyards too. We can help you make sure that your yard is ready for all the action it will see.

Play in a Pool

The first must-have for a cool backyard is a swimming pool. Bonnie & Clyde’s pools have been pleasing Texas customers for over 40 years. We specialize in above-ground pools. We can easily help you gather up all the accessories and extras you need for a successful swim season. Our pool supplies from Arlington to Decatur or over to Weatherford will make your yard cool and popular.

We also have a great tool for hopeful pool owners to utilize. You can Request a Backyard Design Kit anytime to begin planning the perfect layout for your centerpiece. This helps you know where the pool should sit, what pool will look the best, and what type of landscaping you’ll want surrounding it.

Sit in the Shade

Another nice feature to keep in mind while planning your backyard resort is a nice area for shade. Maybe you have a covered deck where you can add some beautiful lounging chairs. Perhaps a beautiful gazebo near the pool is on your list of dream items. Just make sure that your plans include plenty of space to sit and rest without the sun beating down on you.

Swim or Soak in a Swim Spa

Another great choice for backyard entertainment is a swim spa. At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we carry Bahama Spas Swim Spas. We have a swim spa displayed at our North Richland Hills location. Stop by and see how a swim spa works and what it offers you and your family. A swim spa allows you to either swim or enjoy a relaxing soak, which are both refreshing.

Enjoy Endless Beverages

A cool place definitely includes refreshing beverages. There’s nothing like ice cold water to cool you down on a warm day. Just remember to hydrate often while outdoors.

Have a Hydromassage in a Hot Tub

One final item you might not have considered for cooling off is a relaxing hot tub. Hot Tubs can be utilized year-round. During the summer, just keep the water temperature a little lower than you normally would. As long as the water is cooler than your body temperature, it will still feel cooling. A hydromassage is always invigorating. Need spa supplies, Burleson? Come see us!
These tips will help turn your backyard into the coolest place this summer. You, your family, and your guests will all enjoy memorable moments when your backyard is designed for cooling everyone off. Contact Us to find out how to get your backyard design dreams into motion.