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Hot Tub During a Texas Summer?

What Do You Do with a Hot Tub During a Texas Summer?

Summer is coming, and y’all know it’s gonna be a scorcher. With summer temperatures in the Fort Worth area well into the high 90’s and above, you’re probably thinking a soak in a hot tub during a Texas summer is a crazy idea. But there are ways to answer the burning question: “What do you do with a hot tub during a Texas summer?”

Enjoy the Benefits of a Hot Tub During a Texas Summer

You can still enjoy the benefits of a hot tub despite the heat of a Texas summer.

Even though it’s hotter than blue blazes outside, keep enjoying the benefits of your hot tub during a Texas summer. 

Soaking in a spa after summer activities with the family like hiking Cedar Ridge Preserve can help your body heal. Hot tubs help to diminish aches and pains, and they soothe your muscles after activity. The jets help alleviate tension while the buoyancy relieves pressure on your body.

In addition, enjoying your hot tub during a Texas summer with friends and family builds social connections. When you experience strong connections with others, you are less likely to feel anxious and depressed. Strong connections with others also help to boost your immune system.

So, why not cap off that Texas barbeque with friends and family by lounging in a spa from Bonnie & Clyde’s? We carry a variety of hot tubs to meet your budget and your needs.

Hot Tub During a Texas Summer at a Lower Temperature

Despite Texas summers being hot, some people still enjoy soaking in spa waters around 100℉. 

If you are one of those people, then keep on enjoying your hot tub’s normal setting. Just be careful you don’t stay in too long. The hotter it is both inside your hot tub and outside of it, the easier it will be for dehydration to occur. Make sure to drink plenty of water and get out of your hot tub sooner than you normally would to prevent dehydration.

Another option is to simply lower the temperature of your tub. You can lower the temperature or even turn the heater off altogether. Make sure to leave the air jets running though in order to keep the water circulating.

At Bonnie & Clyde’s we are experts at hot tub settings and keeping your hot tub clean and safe. We carry the chemicals you need to keep your hot tub in prime condition.

Hot Tub During a Texas Summer First Thing in the Morning

Summer afternoons in north Texas are hotter than hot. But mornings are much cooler. Low temperatures in the mid 70’s can sometimes feel downright cold to those of us who are acclimated to the humid climate. This makes early mornings the perfect time to soak in a hot tub during a Texas summer. 

Using your hot tub first thing in the morning can help you find the peace, balance, and energy you need to tackle the hot day ahead. Breathe in the scent of fresh summer grass. Close your eyes and listen to the birds chirping. Bask in the calmness of the cool morning. Relax in the warm waters of your hot tub. Your mind stills and you are able to focus on the day ahead. 

Hot Tub During a Texas Summer at Night

Many hot tubs come with LED lights and water features- perfect for a fun summer night.

After a long hard day of work, use the hot tub at night for relaxation. Like mornings, the nights are cooler. In this way, spas are ideal during a Texas summer. 

Use your hot tub as a place to unwind and to gaze at the stars. Let the waters wash away your worries and quiet your mind. Another great benefit of soaking in a hot tub at night is the better sleep you will experience. 20 minutes of bliss soaking right before bed will bring you a restorative night’s sleep. 

Or use your hot tub at night with friends. At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we even carry hot tubs with cool LED light features that will liven up your night. Contact us and we’ll help you hot tub during a Texas summer.