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Things To Do for Your Pool Once Summer is Over

4 Things To Do for Your Pool Once Summer is Over

Ready or not, summer is officially over. As you prepare to enjoy the cooler months of the year, you will need to prepare your pool for its annual time of hibernation. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has been in the pool and spa industry for over 40 years, and above-ground pools are our specialty. We are here to make sure that you have all that you need to successfully care for your pool year-round. Here are 4 things to do for your pool once summer is over.

Clean Thoroughly

One of the first things you want to do to prepare your pool for the off-season is to give it a thorough cleaning. You will thank yourself for this preventative maintenance when it’s time to reopen your pool. A deep cleaning includes brushing the walls and tough-to-reach areas, making sure that the vacuum has plenty of time in the water, and using a net to grab any other debris off the surface of the water.

We have several amazing automatic cleaners that make this step much easier. Polaris® pool cleaners are known worldwide for their quality. Automatic vacuums are very user friendly and are efficient cleaners.

Check Chemicals Carefully

Another important step of caring for the pool at this stage is to check the chemicals carefully. You want the chemicals to be at the proper levels before you start closing the pool down. Test the levels after the water is completely done being used. Balanced water is better for protecting the pool and pool equipment when they are idle.

There are important winterizing pool chemicals you will need to add to the water as well. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with finding everything you will need for prepping the pool and water for a safe entry into the months ahead.  

Shocking the pool will boost its sanitization level during the dormant season. A little bit of algaecide is also an option for preventing the growth of unwanted algae. No one wants to see green water when it’s time to reopen the pool.

Clear Accessories and Equipment

There are many pieces of equipment that you will want to remove from the pool correctly. Storing these items in a dry, covered area is the best way to get more use out of them when the time comes. 

The lines need to be disconnected, cleaned, and dried thoroughly. You don’t want them to crack during a freeze. The ladder is another item that should be stored. This helps limit access to a sleeping pool, and it keeps the ladder from harming the pool and vice versa. A skimmer is one more item to take out for safekeeping. 

The pump and filter require some TLC as well. You will need to drain them by pulling the appropriate plugs before removing them from the water. Our team made this helpful video recently to walk you through all of these crucial steps.

Cover Tightly

Don’t forget the final thing your pool needs for closing — a safe, durable cover. This is the best way to keep the pool clean and clear of debris during the falling leaves of autumn and the freezing weather of winter.
Now that you know the importance of 4 things to do for your pool once summer is over, stop by one of our six stores around the Metroplex. Let us help you get those necessary pool supplies, Decatur and Burleson. We are here to help you safely prepare your pool for its down time.