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4 Swimming Pool Questions You Never Thought to Ask

Pool ownership has all kinds of perks, such as anytime entertainment, aquatic exercise, and years of enjoyment. Maybe you are fairly new to the world of owning an above ground pool in Decatur or the surrounding area. You are quickly learning that there is some maintenance that pool ownership requires. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas helped to make above ground pools popular in Texas over 40 years ago. Let us help you find the answers to these 4 swimming pool questions you never thought to ask.

Question 1 – Curiosities About Chlorine

First, let’s talk about one of the most important things a pool requires — chlorine. Pool chemicals have various purposes, and all of them are significant. Chlorine is the most popular agent used for sanitizing pool water in order to keep it safe for swimming. 

Since the sun and swimming go together, you need to understand the answer to this valid first question: How does sunlight affect chlorine? The heat of the sun quickly causes the available chlorine in the pool water to dissipate. In fact, only a few hours of intense sunlight can lower the level of chlorine tremendously.

To help keep the water stable for safe swimming, there are a few things you can do to preserve chlorine. 

  • Add a pool stabilizer to your list of useful chemicals to have on hand. A stabilizer uses cyanuric acid to help shade the chlorine from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 
  • Remember to cover the pool when possible, even during the summer. The cover helps to keep the chemicals from the sun’s reach when the water is not being used.
  • Regularly check the chemistry levels to be sure that the water is balanced. This step can’t be ignored, especially during the hottest days of the swimming season when the sun can rapidly alter the chlorine content.

Question 2 – Benefits of a Solar Blanket

Next, we move to this common question: What is a solar blanket, and how does it work? A solar blanket is a great accessory to keep on hand. It is used to keep the pool water warm and inviting. Pool owners utilize them often, whether in late spring, early fall, or even on stormy summer days.

If you are looking for an affordable cover that is easy to use, a solar blanket is a great choice. They are normally made of polypropylene or vinyl and look like blue bubble wrap. These bubbles do important work and are simple to move and manage.

A solar blanket is designed to be used with the natural heat of the sun. It not only helps to preserve the heat that is present in the water but also helps to prevent the chemicals and water from evaporating as quickly. This can save you money on buying additional chemicals and on trying to heat the pool for comfortable swimming.

Question 3 – Purposes of a Pool Pump 

The pool pump is the next item we want to cover as we talk about the pertinent pool question: How many hours per day does my pool pump need to run? To briefly answer this question, the pump needs to be active an hour for every 10℉. This means a 100℉ day would require at least 10 hours of the pump running.

Keeping the pool pump running for an adequate amount of time is crucial because of the importance of the pump’s role in helping your above ground pool operate as it should. It does the vital job of moving the water and chemicals throughout the pool to get them where they need to be. 

Running the pump constantly can really add up, but the longer you can run it the better. The pump moves the water to the filter that is working to remove contaminants from the pool. It also circulates the chemicals around the entire pool. Those chemicals then sanitize, protect, and balance things as they are designed to do.

We carry pump and filtration systems that are easy to work with and do their job efficiently. Our experienced staff is always available to make sure that you have the pump that works best for the size and shape of your specific pool. All you need to do is ensure that you allow the pump to run for a sufficient amount of time daily throughout the swim season. 

Question 4 – Looking at Lovely Liners

Last but not least, let’s talk about the liner — an important piece that also helps to make the pool lovely. This brings us to the question: Does my pool liner need to be replaced? This is a very good question to finish off our 4 swimming pool questions that you never thought to ask. You definitely want clarity on this topic as you become an experienced pool owner.

A liner is designed to hold the water in the pool and prevent leaks. It also beautifies the pool and helps to keep the inside of the pool from damage and from acquiring a growth of unwanted algae. But liners obviously can’t last forever. A 6-10 year lifespan is the average amount of time a liner will last.

There are some telltale signs that your pool liner has served its time and needs a replacement. 

  • One obvious sign is cracks. When the liner cracks, leaks will soon follow. A short-term solution can sometimes be to repair minor cracks. But when multiple cracks or large cracks make an appearance, it’s time to start shopping for a new liner.
  • Another thing to watch for is stretching. When the liner is regularly wrinkling or coming off its track, it has finished being useful and is no longer strong.
  • Fading is one more issue that tells you your liner is too old to do its job well. The sun and chemicals take their toll on the lovely liners. The good news is that getting a fresh liner means your pool will look like new again.

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You now have the answers to these 4 swimming pool questions you never thought to ask. When you think of new questions, stop by one of our six Metroplex locations to chat with our friendly team. We love to help families enjoy their pools and to tackle pool maintenance with ease.