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Is a Swim Spa the Right Fit for Me?

Are you and your family ready to take the plunge and add some wonderful aquatic entertainment to your backyard? Maybe you’re torn between getting a swimming pool or a spa. Imagine a machine that offers the ability to swim and soak — all in one — an awesome swim spa from Bonnie & Clyde’s. If you’re wondering, “Is a swim spa the right fit for me?,” let us help you see how a swim spa is a great choice for you and the ones you love.

Amazing Equipment Betters Homes

Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has been assisting the fine residents of Texas with their outdoor leisure needs for over 40 years. We understand the importance of providing high quality equipment for long lasting enjoyment. Bahama Spas® Swim Spas are beautiful and built to last. 

You can stop by our North Richland Hills store to see one of these spectacular machines on display. Any of our stores can help you with ordering a swim spa, from Burleson to Arlington or anywhere around the Metroplex. But seeing one in person will make you instantly fall in love and start planning where to place your new addition.

Aquatic Exercise Broadens Horizons

Avid exercise enthusiasts love the variety of workouts that a swim spa provides. Swimming itself is a great form of exercise. The resistance stream in a swim spa can help you burn extra calories while you enjoy the swimming. 

There are also various exercises that are easy to do in a swim spa as well. Rowing, stretching, and even biking are other popular activities that people can enjoy in a  swim spa. Investing in a swim spa means investing in a home gym at the same time, and you’re broadening your horizons for exciting exercise routines. 

Year-Round Enjoyment Brings Happiness

A swim spa brings heated water possibilities into the equation. This means that you can comfortably enjoy swimming and soaking all year long. You can swim in refreshing water when the weather’s hot and swim in warm water when things cool off. Soaking and relaxing anytime is another perk you can’t ignore. Knowing that you don’t have to close down the swim spa at any time brings happiness to everyone.

Everyone Benefits Here

People of all ages can enjoy time in a swim spa. Children can splash and play in the swimming side of the swim spa, while their parents or grandparents relax from the spa end. Couples can get away for an impromptu date in a swim spa too — exercising to release stress and then enjoying down time together with hydrotherapy. Self care is also a benefit of swim spa ownership. You can step away from a hectic day to swim or soak in preparation for a good night’s sleep. 

Is a swim spa the right fit for me? Definitely. As you can see, a swim spa offers amazing possibilities for your health and happiness. You can’t go wrong with a swim spa purchase. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff at our six Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas stores are ready to help you choose the swim spa you didn’t know you were missing out on.