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expert pool opening tips

5 Expert Pool Opening Tips

Reopening the pool for summer is an exciting time for pool owners. In the excitement, you might forget little details that need to be checked before the pool is swim-ready. Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas has over 40 years of experience in servicing above-ground pools and in assisting pool owners with all things pool. Let us remind you of 5 Expert Pool Opening Tips to keep in mind as you prepare for another amazing swim season. 

Analyze the Pool and its Surroundings

Before you get to the actual pool cleaning, take a look around the pool. This is the perfect time to trim shrubs or branches that may soon affect the water if left unattended. Make sure the deck and area surrounding the pool are secure and have no need of repair. Deck furniture is one more item to peruse for damage before it gets constant use.

Begin with the Cover

When the area around the pool is ready, begin pool care with the cover. Pool covers are ideal for protecting the pool during long periods of inactivity. As you prepare to sanitize the pool and store the cover in preparation for regular aquatic enjoyment, first you need to clean off the cover. Remove excess water and large debris. This prevents the pool water from being contaminated by the items that the cover caught. When the heavy items are gone, the cover can be removed. Be sure to then clean the cover and allow it to dry completely before storing it in a dry place. 

Concentrate on the Water

When you have the cover removed, it is time to check the condition of the water—its level, its cleanliness, and its chemical composition.


Never empty the pool entirely! A pool is unique in that you should never drain it to clean it. Draining it can cause severe damage. If the level is low, just use your hose to bring it up to its proper level—right at the middle of the skimmer.


A shock treatment is highly recommended after a long period of pool hibernation. This will quickly spread sanitizing chemicals throughout the water to assist the chemistry with balancing. Brushing the walls and hidden areas that need extra elbow grease is also important. Vacuuming will be necessary too. The cleaning process may need to be repeated several times in order to clear up the water. 

Chemical Composition

Balancing the water chemistry is vital for your safety and the pool’s. Completing a water test is the only way to get the pH, Total Alkalinity, calcium hardness, sanitizer, and stabilizer at the necessary levels. Bonnie & Clyde’s has fresh, high quality pool chemicals that are designed with Texas heat in mind. Make sure you stock up on supplies early.

Double-Check All Equipment

Don’t forget to double check the pool equipment to make sure that all parts are running properly. Remove any winterizing plugs and make sure the pump and filter get a chance to run for a few days to ensure that all is well. Make sure that lights, ladders, and other safety equipment are in good condition. 

Enjoy the Summer

When all of these 5 expert pool opening tips are covered, prepare to enjoy your summer in the water! Visit any of our six locations anytime. Our experienced team can assist you with any pool prepping issues you might have.