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The Ultimate Guide to Pool Equipment

Backyard pools are the envy of so many homeowners. Having your own entertainment focal point in your backyard is a dream come true. At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, we understand the value of an above-ground pool and the never-ending fun it brings. We began as a family-run business, and over 40 years later, our pool and spa family just keeps growing. We have six stores in the Fort Worth Metroplex, and we are here for you and your pool. With all of the knowledge and techniques we have mastered, we can offer you the Ultimate Guide to Pool Equipment that will help to make your pool ownership successful. 

Automatic Vacuum… Absolute Must

Is a pool vacuum necessary? YES! A pool vacuum is important for thoroughly cleaning the pool and keeping it from accumulating bacteria and particles of debris that your eyes cannot even see. The vacuum removes obvious debris as well, such as dirt and leaves that unavoidably make their way into the water. At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we have a great selection of Automatic Cleaners for Above-Ground Pools to choose from. 

As you research options, you will find that there are Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Vacuums. This is to be expected, as each type of automatic vacuum is designed uniquely. Any of our team members can discuss which type works best with your specific pool.

Suction or Robotic?

A suction side vacuum is a great choice for many reasons. The upfront cost and operation costs are low, and parts that need to be repaired or replaced are generally accessible and affordable. It is also very easy to operate. However, the excessive suction it requires to operate, coupled with the fact that it works with the pool’s filtration system, is a drawback for many pool owners. Adding a separate line is ideal if a suction pool vacuum is your choice.

A robotic vacuum is a very popular option for keeping a pool pristine. As the robot climbs and moves, it scrubs surfaces and removes debris. It works on its own and doesn’t depend on the pool’s filtration system. The cost for a robotic vacuum is higher, but its lifespan and warranties make the investment profitable in the long run. To keep the robotic vacuum cleaner on track for a long life, it must be removed from the pool to be wiped, dried, and stored—a little extra TLC. 

Variable Speed Pump…Value and Variety

Choosing a pump for your pool is another big decision. There are three standard pump types—variable speed, single, or double speed. You can learn All About Variable Speed Pumps from this informative blog. 

A variable speed pump is a great investment for many reasons. Energy-efficiency might be the biggest plus of a VSP. A variable speed pump works much quieter than the single and double speed pumps, and the filtration it provides is stellar. A VSP can be programmed to perform various tasks at stronger or slower speeds, depending on the energy needed for the task at hand. A reliable VSP is definitely the way to go for a pool pump that gives convenience, saves money, and lasts a while. 

Pool Heater…Perfect Temperature

Swimming is an enjoyable activity when the weather is hot and the water is cool. However, sometimes the refreshing water is a little too cool to enjoy for a long period of time if temperatures dip at night or don’t climb high enough during the day to thoroughly warm the water. Good news—there are ways to keep the pool warmer for your comfort. Looking at The Best Above Ground Pool Heater Options here will give you an idea of the heating method that will best suit your needs. 

Solar Heating

A solar heating blanket is the one of the most cost effective and natural ways to warm the pool. A blanket will help to preserve the heat that is present in the water, keeping it 10-15 degrees warmer. There are other solar options available also, such as panels, tube domes, and collectors. 

Other Methods

If you like to control the exact temperature of your swimming pool water, an electric heating system is another option to consider. This will be more of a financial investment, but the longevity and durability of an electric system make the cost worth it. Propane and gas heaters are also available and make heating the pool quickly a breeze. If you don’t need warm water often, this might be the route to go. 

Additional Pool Equipment…No Problem

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Equipment would not be complete without including Your Guide to Everyday Pool Equipment

  • A skimmer is needed to try to take care of some debris before it reaches the filter. The skimmer is also the gauge of where the water level should rest—right at its center. 
  • A point of safe entry is another piece of equipment to find. We have several ladders and steps to peruse as you choose. 
  • The pump and filter systems are the heartbeat of the pool because of the important jobs they perform. We can help you determine which system works best with your pool. 
  • There are many necessary accessories to keep on hand for swim season also, such as high-quality chemicals and testing equipment. Fun accessories are also important for added enjoyment—lights, fountains, floats, lounging chairs… accessorize your way!

Spend Time with the Ones You Love

When you have all the pool equipment and accessories that make your paradise perfect, enjoy spending time together as a family. Knowing our story and strong family values will give you the peace of mind that we can provide the experienced, quality service you want and deserve. We know that our stores are about much more than just pools, spas, and all the things they need to run properly. The memories made spent with the ones you love the most are what it’s all about! Reach out anytime you have a pool question or problem that we can help solve beyond The Ultimate Guide to Pool Equipment.