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variable speed pumps

All About Variable Speed Pumps

The pump and filter are the core of your pool’s filtration system. They are vitally important for keeping the pool water clean, clear, and ready for action! Variable speed pumps are popular with above-ground and in-ground pool owners because they keep the water in constant motion, filtering out contaminants while consuming less energy than their counterparts in the process. Investing in a variable speed pump will save you money in the long run, and your pool and budget will thank you.

Types of Pool Pumps

There are three basic types of pool pumps available—single speed, dual speed, and variable speed. As their names suggest, each pump has a different job. The single speed pump, which is the least expensive option, operates at full horsepower anytime that it is on. That is to say, it offers no other operating alternatives. 

The dual speed pump allows you to adjust the speed with the activity. The high speed option is used while doing short-term maintenance like adding chemicals or vacuuming. The low speed option is used for regular filtering time to save on cost and energy. 

Variable speed pumps give variety to the speed options… ranging anywhere from low to high or somewhere in between. Many variable speed pumps are programmable, taking the stress out of scheduling the necessary, routine tasks of pool upkeep. This is one of the main reasons why pool owners choose the versatile variable speed pumps.

Above-Ground Pools

At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we’re known for our expertise on above-ground pools, and we can advise you on any pump you are considering. A variable speed pump will make your above-ground pool much easier to maintain. This means you can spend more time enjoying the water without worrying about the details of the equipment that keeps your pool running smoothly. If you are thinking of upgrading to a variable speed pump, but don’t know where to start, we can help! Let us put your mind at ease. A VSP will pay for itself in less than two years of use with the money you are saving on electricity, making it a SMART investment for the life of your pool.

Inground Pools 

Inground pools can also be efficiently run by a variable speed pump. Normally installed above the water level, inground pumps are self-priming and vertically lift the water to filter it. They are capable of higher flow rates to accommodate the higher filter rates. We can help you make sure that the pump you choose is the right size and horsepower for your pool. 

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An energy-efficient variable speed pump is a great choice for any pool. Remember—they save you money, they do their work quickly and quietly, and you can program them to run on a schedule at your convenience. Necessary filtering can be done at a lower speed for a longer time, cleaning thoroughly and consuming less energy. Contact us today at (817) 284-3363 to put your mind at ease about replacing your pump with a VSP!