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essential oils in my hot tub

Can I Use Essential Oils in My Hot Tub?

In recent years, essential oils have become extremely popular. People use essential oils for all kinds of things—easing pain, boosting moods, relieving stress, aiding sleep, repelling insects, cleaning, disinfecting… the list goes on. Because their medicinal uses go hand in hand with the therapeutic actions of a spa, the question naturally arises, “Can I use essential oils in my hot tub?” The simple answer is no, do not use essential oils in your spa! But why not? Let’s explain!

Why Essential Oils are NOT Safe in the Hot Tub

Not all essential oils are safe for use on the skin. A carrier oil (like argan), dilutes them. Many raw essential oils can harm your body, and the diluting carrier oil can damage your hot tub. Although essential oils evaporate quickly, they can still stick to the sides of a spa or in the filtration system. Putting essential oils into the hot tub can affect the water, harm your skin, and damage the hot tub itself. 

Infused oils, which are carrier oils with just the scent of essential oils, are also not safe to add to your spa. Any oily substance can clog the filtration system. This keeps the system from performing its job—keeping the water clear and clean. If the filter gets extremely dirty, debris can even enter the pump, heater, and sensors, causing irreparable damage. 

Relaxing with the Aroma of Your Favorite Essential Oils

If you love the soothing smell of essential oils, you could plug in a diffuser near your hot tub. This allows you to relax and enjoy the swirling waters of your spa, while breathing in the calming aroma the oils offer nearby. Using a diffuser is a fantastic way to keep both you, and your hot tub, safe. Ease your aching muscles, achieve more restful sleep, and improve your mood all at the same time with this method. It’s an easy alternative to adding essential oils to your hot tub.

Aromatherapy Crystals – An Even Better Option

Aromatherapy crystals are designed with your active lifestyle in mind. Each bottle is designed for a different purpose:

  • Elevate (Lavender and Cedarwood) – Reduces stress.
  • Energize (Clary Sage and Ginger) – Increases energy.
  • Protect (Lavender and Rosewood) – Detoxes and boosts immunity.
  • Rebuild (Peppermint and Eucalyptus) – Rebuilds joints and muscles.
  • Relax (Chamomile and Bergamot) – Relaxes your mind and body.
  • Stimulate (Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Menthol) – Gives respiratory support.

Using these products in your hot tub gives you the true hydrotherapy massage you want, therefore, keeping you and your spa healthy.

Bottom Line

Remember that going to a spa—where essential oils might be used for many things—is different than getting into a spa in your backyard. Essential oils are not safe for use in your hot tub. Our knowledgeable associates can help you find the perfect aromatherapy crystals for your soaking pleasure.

At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools & Spas, you’ll find amazing scents in our selection of  inSPAration® aromatherapy crystals that are designed to be used in your spa. These hydrotherapy crystals are full of natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals. They are both therapeutic and rejuvenating. Contact us today, or visit one of our six locations to learn more!