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Can I Get an Above Ground Pool Heater?

Fall and winter months are rapidly approaching, but if you are anything like us at Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, you are just not quite ready to give up using your pool and may be in the market for an above ground pool heater. Can you just buy one of those? Absolutely! You can get an above ground pool heater to extend your pool season into fall or earlier in spring. In fact, you even have options of what type of heater you might use.

1. Solar Above Ground Pool Heater

If you are looking to remain conscious of the environment or maybe just keep from adding anything else to the Texas power grid, adding a solar heater to your above ground pool is a solid option for you. They work by using the sun’s energy to heat water that is pulled through tubing and pumped back into the pool. While they can be a little more of an investment than an electric heater up front, the long-term costs are non-existent. These heaters will add a few degrees to your existing water temperature, allowing you to use your pool in the fall. 

2. Electric Above Ground Pool Heater

Your second option is an electric heater. It is exactly as it sounds. You plug this heater in and it will filter water through its system to heat it and pump it back into the pool. This will also heat your water by a few degrees allowing you to swim a little longer. These are typically more affordable to buy than a solar heater, but will of course add to your power bill over time. These pumps will get the water slightly warmer than a solar heater as well.

3. Gas Above Ground Pool Heater

The final option is also the most powerful and expensive. A gas heater can typically heat the water by almost 10 degrees because it’s using an actual flame to heat the water. The water is still pumped into the heater like the other two, but this time it passes over the flame. This is why it will heat a little more than the other types of heaters.

You will need a gas hook-up for this heater instead of just a sunny spot or electrical outlet. The simplest way to do it is if you can hook directly into your home’s gas line. This type of heater could keep you swimming well into the winter months here in the metroplex in Texas depending on your cold tolerance. 

If you are looking for any accessories or have any other questions regarding your above ground pool, our experts at Bonnie & Clyde’s are ready to assist you. If you are looking to enhance your backyard with an above ground pool of your own, we can help you navigate that as well. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers leave with the best option for them. If you are in the Metroplex area, we are excited to meet you and have our family serve yours! Stop by any of our locations in West Arlington, Burleson, Decatur, North Richland Hills, Lake Worth, or Weatherford.