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drain an above ground pool

How Do I Drain an Above Ground Pool?

Needing to drain your above ground pool is no reason to panic. Learning to drain an above ground pool is really rather simple and there are actually multiple ways to accomplish it! At Bonnie & Clyde’s Pools and Spas, we’re here to help walk you through this process, and then help you with all of your other above ground pool needs. Let’s explore three different ways to drain an above ground pool.

Use the garden hose method to drain an above ground pool

This method will be the most easily accessible for anyone to use, but will also take the longest. All that is required is a basic garden hose. Take the hose and submerge both ends all the way into the water. Once the bubbles stop rising to the surface, you know the hose is full of water and it is ready for use.

Place one hand over the opening of one side and pull it out of the water and away from the pool. Bring it all the way to the ground where the water will drain and then remove your hand to release the water flow. This will create a siphon for the water to flow out of your pool.

Just keep in mind that this process could take hours to days depending on the size of your pool.

Once the water has mostly drained from your pool, remove any remaining puddles on the bottom with a shop vac, and you are done!

Use the sump pump method

A sump pump will make draining your pool much faster. You will need the sump pump and a water hose to get started.

Attach a garden hose to the sump pump and place the pump in the deepest part of the pool. Put the other end of the water hose into a place to drain. (Be sure this is somewhere safe to hold a large amount of water, like a sanitary sewer line.)

You can then turn the sump pump on and watch the water drain from your pool. As with the previous method, you can again use a shop vac to get the remaining water from the bottom of the pool. 

Use a drain adaptor to drain an above ground pool 

The final method is using a drain adaptor. For smaller pools, you may be able to attach a drain adaptor to a garden hose and insert it into your pool. This will allow your water to drain quickly and easily. Just be sure to check where the garden hose is aimed to keep from making too much of a mess in the area. You also want to be sure the water hose is attached first so that the water doesn’t drain underneath your pool making the ground too soft. 

With any of these methods, you will be sure to have your pool drained and ready to go. If you are still unsure of how to proceed with things, you can always reach out to the experts at Bonnie & Clyde’s. We are more than happy to guide you through the process and answer any of your pool-related questions.