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Hot Tub is Delivered in Winter

How a Hot Tub is Delivered in Winter

Winter is a great time to relax in a hot tub, but have you ever wondered how a hot tub is delivered in winter? While it rarely snows in Texas, there are still some unique challenges that come with delivering hot tubs during the winter. But, even with unpredictable winter weather, you could soon be smiling as you soak away stress in the soothing waters of a spa. So, what can you expect with your hot tub delivery? 

Challenges When a Hot Tub is Delivered in Winter 

One of the biggest challenges with delivering a hot tub in the winter is the weather. While Texas doesn’t typically see heavy snow or ice, it can still get quite cold. This means that the ground may be frozen and harder to work with, making it more difficult to maneuver the hot tub into place. A hot tub must be installed on a flat, level surface which is usually a reinforced concrete slab, and should be ready to receive the spa upon delivery. 

Special Delivery

First and foremost, it’s important to note that a hot tub is a large and heavy item. It requires a special delivery truck and a team of experienced movers to ensure it gets to your home safely. The process is relatively straightforward – the hot tub is loaded onto the truck, transported to your home, and then carefully placed in the location of your choice using a crane, dolly, or forklift, depending on the size of the hot tub and its installation location. 

The Main Event 

The main consideration during a winter hot tub delivery is the condition of the ground. If there is ice on the ground or if it’s frozen, they will use salt or other de-icing and thawing products to make sure the hot tub can be safely placed in its location. If on the off chance, there is snow on the ground, the delivery team will remove it before setting up your new hot tub.

Getting Started

Once the hot tub has been installed, it’s time to enjoy it! Run a rag over the interior of the shell to collect any dust or other contaminants, check that the drain is closed, and start to fill up your spa. Add the appropriate chemicals to balance the water and turn on the heating system, allowing the hot tub’s water a chance to become chemically balanced as well as heat. This could take several hours, but while you’re waiting for the water to heat, you can test out the jet system. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions for specific setup information as different brands will have unique requirements to meet before the hot tub is ready to use. 

When it comes to finding a high-quality and affordable hot tub, especially in winter, Bonnie & Clyde’s has you covered! With trusted hot tub brands like Four Winds Spas, Maple Spas, InnovaSpas, and more you’ll be sure to find the right size, make, and model for your whole family. Swing by one of our showrooms today and we’ll help you discover the perfect hot tub to be delivered, straight to your backyard.