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Try these Ice Breaker Games to Play with Your Kids in the Hot Tub

6 Ice Breaker Games to Play with Your Kids in the Hot Tub

Nothing is more fun than spending quality time with your kids, especially when playing fun ice breaker games in the comfort of your hot tub. Hot tubs offer many benefits, including stress relief and improved sleep, as well as providing a unique space for family bonding. 

At Bonnie & Clyde’s, we have hot tubs available to buy in Arlington all the way to Lake Worth. Keep on reading to learn more about some of our favorite ice breaker games that you can play with your kids in your new hot tub.

Our Top 6 Ice Breaker Games

1. Hot Tub Charades 

This game works just like regular charades, only you do it while sitting in the hot tub. All you need are some index cards – or something similar – with words or phrases written on them. 

Take turns picking out cards and acting out what’s written (without speaking). See how fast your team can guess correctly. 

2. Hot Potato 

This classic game gets an upgrade when you play it in the hot tub! Have everyone sit around the edge of the hot tub and pass a water toy (or other similar small, waterproof object) around while music plays. 

Did the music stop? The person holding the object has to climb out of the hot tub and perform a silly task or answer a question before re-entering. 

3. Sharks & Minnows 

Similar to tag but played in a hot tub, sharks & minnows is always tons of fun for all ages. The goal is for all “minnows” (players) to cross from one side of the hot tub to another without getting tagged by “sharks” (players who stay put). 

If they make it across safely, they become sharks themselves, making it harder for others to make their way across without getting caught.

This type of game is ideal for those with a spacious hot tub, such as one that sits more than six to eight people. 

4. Name That Tune 

Put on some tunes from the radio or from streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, then take turns trying to guess which song is playing before it ends. 

If you want to kick the game and competitiveness up a notch or two, have someone pause the song after the first few seconds, or have a rule where the song needs to be guessed within the first ten seconds. 

It also helps if everyone knows different music genres so that one person isn’t always guessing correctly.

5. Hot Tub Trivia

Test each other’s knowledge about various topics such as movies, books, science facts, etc., by asking questions related to those topics while lounging in the hot tub. 

While you might have to do some preparation beforehand or have someone try their hand at hosting the game, this one will always be fun. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins.

Need a Hot Tub? Bonnie and Clyde’s Pools and Spas Has You Covered.

These favorite hot tub ice breaker games and others that your whole family can enjoy playing together in your hot tub are fabulous! Not only are these games tons of fun for adults and kids alike but they also help promote family bonding, which is essential for healthy relationships between parents and kids. 

So don’t wait any longer. Visit us today at Bonnie & Clyde’s showrooms located in Arlington, North Richland Hills, and surrounding areas so we can help you find just the right hot tub for your needs. 

Once you have yours set up at home, you can spend plenty of time playing these games together. Build memories to last a lifetime with Bonnie & Clyde’s.